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key features

On this page I describe MightyTiles' key features. There are a lot of unique features like memory efficiency, flexibility, bond patterns, random arrangement aso. making it a valuable software to use.
All information on this web site is subject to change without prior notice.

key features

memory efficient
The memory usage is independent from the amount of tiles in the final texture. It only depends on the tile sets used. This enables arbitrary huge textures at a low cost of memory. In the images below, the amount of tiles grow from left to right from 16 to 100 to 400 tiles but all three of them consume the same amount of memory!

highly detailed
Due to the usage of detailed tile bitmaps, large textures can be created and even zoomed tiles look great!

The TileDesigner lets you create your own set of tiles for every purpose you need. You can also alter the provided tile sets to fit your needs best. Have a look at the reference guide section below for further explanation of the TileDesigner!

random arrangement
The arrangement of the tiles in the texture is controlled by pseudo random numbers. By choosing a different seed you can change the arrangement only, everything else stays untouched! And remember: same seed numbers always create the same arrangement. The both images below only differ in their random seed setting.

random transformation
MightyTiles lets you randomly modify the position, rotation, size, and even inclination (via displacement and bump mapping) of each tile. The left image shows a strict bond pattern without any variations. On the right side you can see the very same bricks but all a little bit jittered and rotated. Even the alignment in the bond pattern shows variations.

random color
The color of each tile can be changed tile by tile via pseudo random numbers giving more variations for your texture. Both images are based upon the same set tiles. On the left the tile bitmaps are untouched. On the right site the bitmaps have random color variations.

pattern variations
MightyTiles comes with a set of predefined patterns (bond patterns). By keeping all other settings you switch between presently 15 different patterns. You can also break up these strict arrangement as seen on the right side of the example image.

presets (Texture-Packs)
MightyTiles comes with a basic texture set. This includes bitmaps as well as parameter settings. All together combined in materials for the VRay and Scanline renderer.