Welcome to my projects page. Here is an excerpt of some projects I worked on and I am still working.
Presently here is only MightyTiles but there are more to follow, e.g. SnowFlowPro, SnowPrint, SliceRender, and the Baufinanzierungspool24-App.
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MightyTiles (2012, plug-in): create amazing brick-laying and tile-settings in a fraction of a second!
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MightyTiles is a 3D Studio Max plugin that procedurally creates realistic looking tile-based textures, like brick walls, tile floors, parquet, cobblestone pavements, and many more! These tiles are photos of single bricks, cobblestones etc. Just select a set of tiles and MightyTiles creates the texture for you! During render time MightyTiles sticks them together alternating each tile by a set of adjustable random parameters! This saves a lot of memory and lets you create huge textures with millions of tiles! Due to the random parameters forget about tiling artifacts (there are no) and mip-mapping (there is no need)!

Take a look at the key features, reference guide, and how-to!

Attention: this project is no longer active and has been replaced by the completely
new developed plugin Mighty Tiles Pro!

get it!

Get the completely rewritten version Mighty Tiles Pro!

version history

  • [v1.0.0]
    • first release of MightyTiles
  • [v1.0.1]
    • fixed a problem when saving a scene with an unregistered version
  • [v1.0.2]
    • fixed the "mortar destroys pattern"-pattern problem (for details click here)
    • demo version: workaround for the disabled ui in the demo version, should avoid crash

known issues

MightyTiles crashes when you try to set image based color slot within the Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max 2012. It works fine with the Slate Material Editor in 3ds Max 2011.